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Amazing Prize Family Bingo

Nicola says 24th August now for Bingo Halls. That's us, so I've changed the dates...

I am still hoping that the Scottish government will allow Bingo to be resumed. I have booked Laureston Halls from 24th August to 29th August. I have a social distancing seating plan which allows for a 2 metre gap between family groups. In the big hall this could still enable around 70 people to safely gather. The hall is not being used by any other groups so there will be no rush to be seated or leave the hall.

The following will make the event as safe as possible:

Hand sanitising on entry and exit.

Face masks worn

Sticking to seating rules. See "Seating plans" tab.

If you think the precautions we are taking are not compliant to covid19 guidelines please tell us. Or you can email if you think we or any other business are not complying.


By sticking to these rules we can experience an Edinburgh Fringe event indoors and still have as much fun as last year.


Fingers crossed Bingo is allowed as part of Phase 3 of the lockdown relaxation during the term of the Edinburgh Fringe 2020.


This show is the show I use at local schools, the WI and local communities. It is a family show. There are lots of prizes. The show will be even better if guests also bring prizes. We can not share prizes so the prizes people bring will just be for people in their own group or just for themselves. Of course this has the advantage that you can bring a prize of any value and know that you will be taking it home. If you wrap it you will have the opportunity of unwrapping during the show and showing the rest of the audience what an amazing prize you have won. I leave it to you - use your imagination. Obviously £200,000 in cash could pose a personal security threat so be careful!

If you do bring an extra prize you will get an extra bingo ticket. If everyone brings a prize the game will be much more exciting because there will be lots of wins. Dont worry I will supply loads and loads of prizes just in case people dont have time to sort out bringing one.


We like it to be as interactive as possible. To encourage this we have lots of variations on the Bingo theme:


Variations we like:

1. Play-offs! If two people call at the same time they will have to play-off

2. Your Bingo Lingo. Tell us a phrase for you favourite number and we'll use it (maybe). E.g. 58 - "Granny's birthday".

3. "Open the prize!" You may get to open your prize so the whole audience can see

4. Moving On. Sometimes you just need one more number but the game needs to move to the next level. But we could haggle on having a few more numbers at this level.

5. Your variations...let us know and we will use them in the show!

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