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Kath Cox

hanks for a fabulous show - it exceeded our (already high!) expectations. Fabulous location and weather - a perfect show ???


Maurice Woolf - What a giggle! Jes’ delivery was hysterical as were some of the prizes. Loved by kids and adults. Particularly pleased with my easy-peelers. Thinking of going? “its a good call”
Ellen - Such a lively atmosphere. 
E.P.V - Easily the best family bingo event I have ever been to. Great prizes, great host, great everything
Gill - Apologies for the late review but we had a fantastic time at Bingo on Tuesday! As a group of 9 we ranged from Charlie at 9 years old to my Dad at 82!! All had a great time and were caught up in Bingo fun and the anticipation of prizes, of which we won a number!! All went away with big smiles! Thanks a lot we'll definitely be back next year's.
Kerie Wright - Great fun for everyone. Kids delighted with all their prizes and gave a 5/5 review!!
Rachael Topping - Great family fun. We would highly recommend this for an hour of giggles and amazing(ish)! prizes. Thank you
Zoe Arnold-Bennett - Thank you for a real giggle! Highly recommend whether you bring children along or not. We are continuing our "perfect Bingo dress sense". Cheers for a great hour of entertainment and interesting prizes.
Laura Terrell - This was lovely old fashioned fun. Definitely worth bringing some wrapped presents to get extra strips to play with. Particularly if you have children. As it increases their chances of winning. Thoroughly enjoyed.
Margaret - Thank you Jes for a brilliant time yesterday myself and my son throughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended and I even won a pot of rice pudding.
Claire Hoang - We took both our kids to do/see this and it was so much fun! Really lovely atmosphere...Jes really keeps calling out 90 numbers interactive and I laughed lots. The crowd were great too and it's just so simple, but a great little thing to do in the day. Despite the fact that we neither got a row or bingo (I did try and cheat, but the kids were having none of it) we still went away happy and with a signed photo. What more could you ask for
Sophie - Thanks for a lovely show. We all enjoyed the Bingo and even took home prizes. My two had great time. Highly recommend.

Noeleen - An Edinburgh Institution.


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