The Star Factory...
The Star Factory...

The 2016 Star Factory show. Please see "Leicester Comedy Fest 2022 Bingo" tab for latest Bingo show

The Concept

Immersive theatre taken to new depths.  If the show's rubbish, well you've only got yourselves to blame.


More about Andrew

Andrew has never acted before, so he is perfect to guide you through the process.


More about Jes

Jes knows about failure. Who better to take you right through to the moment you realise it was a big mistake.


Annoying clown.... Dont worry, we don't insist on make-up.

How it works

You've seen some shows at the Fringe. You've got the idea. You're vibing!  Now you want more.


Well here it is.....


Yes, you yourself can cross that fourth wall, come on stage and help to perform mediocre sketches under the reassuring direction of Jes and Andrew. 


Don't worry there's no tedious improv here, indeed paper scripts will even be provided.  Ability to read out loud is desirable; ability to act entirely optional.  Come and make one of our characters your very own - yes you could become the definitive Trevor or Polly.


And remember. After taking part in the show you can forever boast that you have performed at the Fringe. Imagine.


We wish you every success at the rigorous participant selection process.

Still confused? See our Facebook Page for perfect clarity:

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