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Sandfield Primary School Comedy Bingo Night

Date: 15th October 2022 (we last did this on 28th February 2020!)

Place: Sandfield Primary School Guildford

Dress Code: Bingo

Our event is an adults (PTA) evening event from approx 7:30pm to 10:15pm.

Our current plan: (all timings are approx)
7:30 - arrival - drink
First round of comedy Bingo
8:30 - Relaxation Break.
9:00 - Second round of comedy Bingo
10:15 - approx finish ....


It would be great for the evening if each member of the audience brings a wrapped prize.

But what should I bring?

Well anything you can wrap. It could be:

  • That unwanted Christmas present from this year or from the big pile of them at the back of your pants draw. Or all of them!
  • A cake, food, sweets, chocolate or drink
  • Something to wear that no longer fits
  • Something from the shed
  • The keys to that Porsche that's been costing you money to garage but is too small for the family
  • Something a bit edgey. You draw the line.
  • If you're feeling flush, perhaps a chocolate orange.
  • Anything

My imagination is running wild, can I bring more than one prize?

Yes, as many as you like.

Is it like a jumble sale where I can dump my junk but everything is free?

No, please wrap each item.

Can I use christmas wrapping paper?

You can use anything you like, even newspaper.

Will it be funny?

Funny is in the eye of the beholder. Jes will certainly find it funny. People do laugh but I can't claim full responsibility.

Jes sounds like an amazing star comedian, will most of the money go to him?

You're right he is. But Jes is giving up his time for free, although he might get a free coca cola (if he forgets to pay - awkward).

Is Jes one of those that picks on people near the front?

No, Jes picks on everyone, especially those cowering at the back.

Will I be cooler because I can say I went to Sandfield Primary School Comedy Bingo Night?


Will this improve my child's future prospects?

I'll ask Kate if there's been an uptick for children of the previous audience.


Could I be embarrassed by the prize I bring?

It depends how sensitive you are.



Any questions please email Jes at I did get an email from an audience member once - it was very exciting.






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